Garrett Vinyl Pools - Saxon Mortgage Service-Loss Draft Department. Refusal to pay contractor after Ike damage .

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Insurance Company: Saxon Mortgage Service, Inc.

Loss Draft Department

1323 Celebration Blvd.


(866)403-8157 Fax

Amount owed to GVP (Garrett Vinyl Pools)- $2,364.00

Installation Date: June 16, 2009

June 23, 2009- Spoke to Dominque to see when we were going to get paid. She said that Saxon Mortgage was waiting on the inspection.

June 25, 2009- Spoke to Left at Saxon. He said that the inspection was only ordered today. He stated that inspector has 2 days to contact homeowner. Gave the work order number as #215456179.

June 29, 2009- Spoke George at Saxon. Said homeowner had not scheduled inspection appointment. Called Homeowner and left message for him to call and order an inspection. We never heard back from him that day.

July 6, 2009- Spoke with Jessie of Saxon. She said they are still waiting on homeowner to schedule inspection. Homeowner said he had called 2 times.

July 8, 2009- Left message on Homeowners cell phone, to see if he had scheduled inspection. No response.

July 9, 2009- Homeowner called and left a message with the answering service said he had not received and call from the adjustors' office.

July 9, 2009- continued. Katy at 1st America (Adjustor Co) said she had left 2 messages for Homeowner to call and make appointment.

August 3, 2009- Homeowner said he has to get an affidavit signed and notarized by his wife. Spoke to Tiffany at Saxon at ext. 63515 to see if she received affidavit. Could not get Tiffany on the phone but spoke to Teresa Bruce still waiting on affidavit.

August 6, 2009- Homeowner called and told us that Tiffany no longer worked at Saxon. He is working with another person Michelle her company has taken over the insurance side of Saxon.

August 17, 2009- Spoke with Lisa from the corporate office. We have never been able to really talk to just one person. They never seem to be able to get the previous person on the phone. Lisa said corporate should cut a check within 7 days.

August 20, 2009- Spoke with Lisa and then her supervisor they both said they were sending all paper work to corporate and they would OVERNIGHT us a check.

August 24, 2009 - Spoke with an Andrea Fleming- She was very unfriendly told me that she could not give us any information because we did not have authorization on the account. Up until this time at least we could get some information when we called. Now all of a sudden we are not authorized to speak about the account.

August 26, 2009 - Left message for Homeowner to send a fax authorizing us to speak on his behalf about our money. Did not here back from him.

August 27, 2009- Homeowner called and said he had spoken to a Veronica Quattlebaum, and she had all the paperwork in front of her and was sending it to the corporate office.

September 1, 2009- Homeowner said he was told the check would be mailed on Friday 8/28/09.

September 2, 2009- Homeowner called checking to see if we got the check. Did not receive.

September 3, 2009- Homeowner called. No check

September 4, 2009- No check

September 15, 2009- Homeowner called stating that he had just spoken with Lucretia Johnson at Saxon- Loss Draft Specialist (866)403-8156 who told him she would call GVP (Garrett Vinyl Pools) to say that GVP MUST complete the affidavit for the contractor in order to receive payment.

A few minutes later, Lucretia Johnson called and spoke to Mary. She stated that GVP was holding up the check now by not returning the "Affidavit of Bills Paid and Release of Liens by Contractor" which we had copies of in the "Dallas" file. She said she realized it sounded as if we had already received final payment, but that it in no way kept us from receiving their check for final payment, but under no circumstances would we receive the check unless they received the signed document. (See attached). After it is completed and notarized, it can be faxed to (866)403-8157 to start ball rolling in receiving our check.

September 16, 2009- Spoke to Ken Garrett (KEG) about the September 15 information. He is not excited at the prospect of executing if for fear Saxon will then say, "Sorry, you are paid in full according to the Affidavit you signed and had notarized". His suggestion was that while he will complete the document, that a disclaimer such as, "This paper has been executed solely because we were told we had to do it before check was cut, in order to receive payment. And that " No payment has been received" on the face of the paper somewhere.

11:10AM- Notarized Affidavit & cover sheet were faxed directly to L. Johnson. Originals are in file.

September 24, 2009- Homeowner called with following information. New name and fax number, asked that the affidavit be re-faxed to Shelly (843)413-2096. Faxed to her at 1:35pm.

September 28, 2009- Spoke to Juanita Gladden of Saxon. She said she needed me to fax the original signed proposal because Ken had not signed it. I faxed it to her (866)403-8157 with an arrow pointing to where the original had indeed been signed by Ken. Also, wanted to know if we had any keys to the property or know anyone that did. I told her no.

Just so happens that Homeowner Foreman moved out of the house today.

October 1, 2009- Homeowner called and is now working with Anthony in corporate office. Anthony said he had found all the signed papers. He was going to "forward, something to others at corporate" Dept again. Perhaps 10-14 days for reply. Homeowner said he had told Anthony that GVP "was going to take this to the next level" and they were dragging their feet and had better do something.

October 5, 2009- Spoke with Andre Jett and managed to get him to tell me that all documents were in. And usually take 10-14 days to get through the channels at corporate for a check to be cut.

October 7, 2009- Spoke with Michelle Homeownerson has not received fax for authorization. She would not give me any information. Called and left message for Homeowner asking him to "Please" fax authorization for Saxon to talk to us.

October 12, 2009- Spoke with George at Saxon, they do not have authorization to talk to us about the Foreman account. Cindy Left another message for Homeowner, asking him to fax Saxon a letter giving them permission to talk to us.

October 13, 2009- Homeowner called to say he had just hung up with Saxon had spoken with Robin Cassley, who said she had been waiting for a "Payee Code" from corporate- once she had that she could send the check . Homeowner told Mary (10-05-2009) last Monday that they had just deleted everything from their system & that he (Homeowner) had sent all documents/forms in again and it was basically a "do over" start from scratch. Now they supposedly have everything, should be able to cut the check soon, made payable to both Homeowner and GVP. Robin told him she had the check for his general contractor (Alex's Home Remodeling) in her hand.

October 14, 2009- Spoke with Ashley Rowell, spent a lot of time while I waiting on the phone looking for any authorization for her to tell me anything. She said the "Draw" had been ordered and usually takes 2 business days to get the check cut. Check should be mailed to homeowner this Friday or Monday (10/19-20).

October 19, 2009 –

Spoke with Shaneta Mack at Saxon. She would not tell me anything because no authorization. Left another message on Homeowners's cell to please fax a letter giving them permission to talk to us.

October 19, 2009- Called Homeowner he said he was suppose to ge the other contractors check today? Was going to call Saxon and call us back.

October 26, 2009- Have not heard from Homeowner or Saxon.

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You need to contact the Attorney General Office,Greg Abbott in Texas.

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